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Notice is hereby given that a regular Municipal Election will be held by Mail-In Ballot


Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Positions to be filled

City Council

Three, Three Year Terms


You must be a registered voter in the City of Kupreanof


(30) Thirty days prior to the election to be a qualified voter.


The boundaries of the City of Kupreanof are as follows: 


Beginning at the southeast corner of section 5 surveyed township 59S, R79E, thence to the mid-point of the Wrangell narrows, thence northerly and northeasterly following the meander of the midpoint of the Wrangell narrows, to a point due south of the southernmost tip of Sasby Island thence northeasterly, and westerly, southwesterly paralleling Sasby Island at a distance of 300 yards to a point which intersects with the southern boundary line of the northwest ¼ of section 22 T58S, R79E thence west to the northwest corner of the southeast ¼ of section 21 T58S, R79E; thence south to the SW corner of the SE ¼ of section 21, T58S, R79E; thence west to the NW corner of section 29 T58, R79E; thence south to the SW corner of the NW ¼ of section 32, T58S, R79E; thence east to the NW corner of the SE ¼ of section 32, T58S, R79E; thence south to the SE corner of the SW ¼ of section 5, T59S, R79E; thence east to the point of beginning containing 3.2 square miles more or less.


This election will be held by mail-in ballot per Ordinance 2021-2




To request a mail-in ballot please call or Text the

City Clerk at 518-1757

Or email a request to

Please contact the City Clerk if you have any questions at

 (907) 340-2400 or   (907) 518-1757.



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